Launching A Startup in the Middle of the Great Plains

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For many months and far, far away from Silicon Valley, my founders and I have been diligently strategizing our tech startup. We’ve immersed ourselves in software development, writing business plans, attending business boot camps and learning the ups and downs of becoming entrepreneurs. Along the way we have utilized some pretty great tools!

Business Plan

Writing the business plan is not the most exciting part of being an entrepreneur. But we found a great online tool called LivePlan, which makes writing the business plan be a lot less painful. It allows adding team members so each can have a login and update their parts of the plan. LivePlan operates with a subscription model so you pay a low monthly fee for the software which is perfect for startups with limited capital.

Remote Meetings

We use Google Hangouts and Skype for our (virtual) face-to-face meetings and collaborative online tools to run our start-up. Google Hangouts requires a Google email account, but not much else. It’s easy to get up and running. Occasionally we use Hangouts on Air to record our meetings for others to view later.

Document Collaboration

The first thing we did as a team was sign up for Google for Business. We have our email and documents stored in the cloud where we can easily share and edit.  We can even collaborate in real-time with live edit, which means team members can watch and edit the same document simultaneously! And it’s just 5$ per month per user!

Team Updates

We use cloud software called Slack. We can post team announcements in one location, and keep track of previous conversations. It’s like a chat client on steroids. Our research and updates go into the Slack application so that we share like a group text, but with the ability to search a la Google.

Website Management

In our startup, we are big WordPress fans and run our external website and internal testing sites on the WordPress framework. Again, the ability to have multiple admin accounts gives us the flexible team environment necessary to manage various sections of a business.

Research and Data

Everyone knows the importance of doing their research and that Google offers a vast amount of research. Keeping updated on certain search terms is important to our team. We have set up Google Alerts to monitor news articles on the web and it automatically emails us when fresh news is found.

Networkd Family. That’s the name of the software I have been building for the last few months. I left my full time job in January and have been working as a Software Developer and Founder in this startup. Our goal is to help families manage their connected lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy reading this tech article and I also hope that you’ll help me out with a few minutes of your time. I’d love for you to participate in a quick survey to get feedback on the ideas behind the software that I’m working on building. It’s only 8 questions, multiple choice, and should take you no more than 2 minutes. I would be so grateful for your assistance!

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