Our Journey From Idea to Start-up

Today’s busy family relies on their Internet service and they expect it to work. Your 9-year old needs to do research for a homework project, your 13-year old wants to game on his Xbox, you need to check email and update tax documents, and the 2-year old wants train videos on his Nabi.

Suddenly, everybody is at a stand-still because the Internet stopped working. What do most people do when this happens? Run down to the utility closet and pull the plug to restart the router? Call the Internet Service Provider? Cry?

We get it, we heard the stories and we lived it. We found our 9-year old up at 5am to play League of Legends on his computer. We were shocked with some of the content our kids found on YouTube. I lived the frustration of slow internet when others in the house were sucking all the bandwidth.

This was the start of our journey to find a better way to control our home network and manage our kids screen time.

We tried some different options, played with different routers, tried some parental control software and eventually found what we wanted on a Kickstarter campaign that was years away from launching. That was when we knew we could do better. That was when Networkd Family was born.

What Is Networkd Family?

Networkd Family is a hardware and software solution for managing your home network.

Our app lets you manage your network from the palm of your hand, so you’ll know how many devices are connected and the Internet speed you’re getting from your Internet Service Provider. Not only can you see everyone who is on your network but you have the ability to revoke someone’s access with little more than a swipe.

Who Is It For?
Networkd Family is for families that just need their Internet to work. It’s easy to setup and use. It gives parents insight to what devices are connected to their home Internet and powerful parental controls to manage kids screen time, all from your smartphone.

Where are We At?
Like most babies, it has taken us a year to even get our feet under us. We have built proof of concepts and prototypes, and are still in the development process. But we are excited to be making progress and to bring Networkd Family to families who want to take back control of their family’s connected lifestyle. We will soon be launching a private beta campaign. We want to test our product in the hands of real families and real users to know how we can make it the best product available.