A Rebranding and A Pitch

Remember back when Google rebranded a portion of their company to Alphabet?  You probably didn’t give it much thought.  I remember thinking that all the media coverage was kinda lame and went on about my day.  I’m a software developer, why would I care about a rebrand? Apparently I should have paid more attention.

So guess what the team at MCP Networks has been agonizing over for the last month?!?  A name change and rebrand for Networkd Family, of course.
As a farm kid, I remember cattle branding as a painful experience for the calves, and in the case of the occasional kick in the ribs, for the workers too. The rebranding process has been a metaphorical kick in the ribs.

Who knew coming up with a name would be so hard?!?  When we started this journey the name was just another item on the “to do” list. While we loved the name Networkd Family, we found it wasn’t a good name for trademark purposes. I will spare you the gory details, suffice it to say we have chosen Aeréz.  It’s a play on “air easy” and Aries, since our first product is cloud management for your home network.

We work with a fantastic graphic designer, Kayla of  Cote Creative who helped us with the logo and color scheme for our app and we love the direction this is heading. A new website will be revealed soon to go with our new name. This is our first step in getting ready for our public beta launch.

So here is where we open ourselves up to the community and ask “What do you think”? We would love feedback, thoughts, suggestions….even criticism on the new name, logo, idea, etc.  Comment or  message us via social media or drop a line from our site.

We Are Pitching!

We are giving our first product pitch at 1 Million Cups in Bismarck next week! Come check us out, offer your mental support, words of encouragement, etc.