Welcome to Smarter Internet

I’d like introduce you to Aerēz, our home network solution built for families. Aerēz provides powerful tools to manage all the internet connected devices in your home, protect your kids with content filters, time limits and safe search, optimize the overall performance of your home network and turns your smart phone into the remote control that runs it all.

Why Us?

The path to Aerēz started early one morning when my husband woke to grab a drink of water and he heard the music and keyboard clicking that could only mean that someone in the house was playing an online video game – at 4am – on a school night! He escorted our then 8-year old son back to bed and made a plan to setup some parental controls.

Together we started researching options and quickly realized that an off-the-shelf product would not fit our needs to manage 30-ish Internet connected devices and keep our Internet connection lightening fast. I worked from home two days a week, connecting though a VPN, and I needed my network connection to not be throttled down by parental control software. So we made our own. What is now Aerēz evolved from the original solution we created with hardware, software and utilizing the cloud to keep track of devices, users, and rules we wanted on our home network.

One pretty amazing thing happened after we implemented a bed-time blocker policy on our new software. The bedtime blocker would automatically shut off the kids’ internet connection at the same time each evening. They stopped arguing for more time and started getting ready for bed. It totally ended the arguments for more time and the power struggle to take away their device!

And like any good parent does when they find a great solution, we bragged about it! We started sharing with friends and family our stories about the change it had on our kids and the peace of mind it gave us as parents.

As we started implementing Aerēz in user trials, families would not only give us feedback on the software, but also share that at certain times all or some of the devices would have slow internet connections. One example of this is when an Xbox or iPhone hogs all the bandwidth and makes everyone else’s Internet experience slow. With Aerēz, devices are forced to share bandwidth and play nicely.

With Aerēz in place we could tell them the source of the issue and set policies in the software to speed up their connection and optimize how all devices shared the bandwidth in the home. Over time we’ve made those smart algorithms a part of the core features of Aerēz that automatically optimizes and tunes your home network. And devices that belong to adults automatically get priority on the network over everything else.

Why Now?

We were fortunate enough to know some incredible people to team up with to help us develop Aerēz. We worked with some amazing families that gave us invaluable feedback along the way. As a team,we have worked hard to make a solution that easily integrates into family life and makes controlling the devices and Internet connection in your home a breeze…like air….Aerēz. ( Cheesy, I know!)